Bach Rehersal 2013 (2)

After Easter at home with my family in Surrey I travel to Nürnberg in Germany to work with the Nürnberg Philharmonic Orchestra at the invitation of their young and dynamic principal conductor, Markus Bosch. This is one of the programs I am most excited about this year as I will be conducting Bernstein’s Jeremiah Symphony for the first time; a very exciting and challenging symphony with a great depth of emotion. We will pair up the symphony with the Brahms Tragic Overture and Schumann’s piano concerto played by Martin Stadtfeld. 

The Nürnberger Nachrichten commented in a very literery review :

Guest conductor Paul Goodwin led us through the heartland of Romanticism with calmness and clarity. The expert in historical performance practice accurately created a long finely contoured line of suspense, to such a degree that he created an impression of an otherwordly sphere more and more clearly, bringing out the transformation from heart’s desire to death wish.

And when discussing the Bernstein - ' What can sometimes seem cacophonous remained controlled in the hands of the profound Goodwin: there was enthusiastic applause for the prudent Brit, who gave a tremdous sparkle to the orchestra and soloist. '

PJG great detail cond shot

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